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Learning to make better photos: culling

Learning to make better photos: culling

Going through a photoshoot and deleting extra photos trains me to make good pictures. When I took the pictures, I knew what I was trying to capture - be it a feeling, a mood, or a moment.

Looking at the results is like getting back the results of a test: "OK, I did well here, but this one could be better".

The Google Pixel's night mode is excellent

Whenever I find a photo that didn't turn out (but has potential), I ask myself: what would make it better? And also, what does this photo say?

Ignoring fleeting things like facial expressions and closed eyes, the problem is often poor composition or a picture without a clear purpose.

What I look for right now in my pictures is:

  • strength of the photo
  • dynamic, interesting composition
  • emotions
  • the connections - who's looking at who?
  • and more

In conclusion: Delete all your extra photos and pick the best ones! You'll take better pictures as a result.

P.S. I'd love feedback, I'm always learning!