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Feel good films for quarantine-viewing

These are films to put a smile your face and take away some of the boredom of #stayhome.

If you've got suggestions, I'd love to hear them & add them to the list (after watching :)

The list

Loners finding community

The Station Agent

A warm, caring film about three loners and outcasts who become friends. One wants to be left alone, another just wants to talk, while the third is moving on. Friendship and community - isn't that what we all want? A moving performance from Peter 'Tyrian' Dinklage.

Once (Ireland)

Two people dealing with loss work express their sorrow in beautiful songs. Adorable performance from Czech acress Markéta Irglová. A bit happy-sad.

Sing Street (Ireland)

A boy starts a band to impress a girl. Fun, diverse characters (and a former enemy) make up the band. Sure, they face ridicule in their strict school; but they have each other. Sing Street is a great film that you won't regret watching!

The Visitor

Visitors turn a middle-aged man's boring life upside down. Through them he finds joy in his life. There's drum playing and beautiful cultural exchange.

Intense, emotional films

Short Term 12

I'll watch this when I'm feeling down. We join the kids and staff at a temporary home for kids whose families aren't safe; watch them laugh, cry, fail - and get back up again. With help. The director worked at such a home, so he's showing us what he knows.
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Ondksan (Sweden)

Erik is sent to a strict school where the school elite reign unchallenged. He stands up for what's right and for his friends, and suffers for it. It's easy to root for this strong hero, but he has his own demons to deal with. Ondksan will capture your attention and not let go till the end. Some rough scenes.

Lighthearted films

Flying Colors / Birigyaru (Japan)

A girl thinks she's a failure and won't attain to anything, but one inspiring, enthusiastic young man at a prep course will change that. As she pursues her goal, setbacks at home create new challenges. The film's light-hearted and fun while still taking its subject seriously.

Letters to Santa / Listy do M. (Poland)

A riot of a Polish Christmas film. You'll laugh one moment and cry the next as the characters get in trouble, fall in love, and more. A movie for Christmas? Yes, but some festivity during this quarantine can't hurt!


Hope you found a film in this list to lift your spirits and brighten your day. Shoot me an email with your thoughts or suggestions at david@davidlane.io.